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Our team is the heart and soul of our restaurant. Each team member goes
through a rigorous training program allowing them to be both knowledgeable and have a deep understanding of our creative concepts. From Executive Chef
Louis’s refusal to believe anything is impossible to the impeccably high service standards, our team unites to provide a luxurious and elegant dining experience



Chef ? is originally from Princeton, New Jersey. Growing up in commercial kitchens; Chef ? has been entwined with science based cooking since 2013 when he began cooking at Elements, his first venture into fine dining and molecular tech. Chef ? started working in kitchens in 2006 and his cooking has been heavily influenced by locavore and foraging cuisines. 



Director of Operations, ?, has been working in the industry starting as a server, working her way up through kitchens, and finding a home in
operations management. An OCC, OCVTS, and Johnson and Wales Alum, ? left bank management to work in kitchens and fell in love with
satisfaction of the dining room experience. With 16 years of hospitality industry experience Brittney has come to love and appreciate experience based dining. She believes that quality ingredients paired with impeccable service is something
that everyone should experience in their life.

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